The Day 1 Club is the life blood to our movement. If you dig what we are doing and want to be a part of it, then Day 1 Club is for you. The Day 1 Club is a group of 10-15 individuals who opt in because they want to make an impact. Are you a social media savvy person who has a million marketing ideas? Or do you just love meeting and talking to new people? Are you energized by being able to seek out and scope out new spaces for our community to access? Or do you want to involve yourself in an exciting group and make new friends? Any of these reasons are good reasons to join the Day 1 Club.

D1C GQB march 2014.jpg

Here’s some of what the Day 1 Club does:

  • Has fun!!
  • Leads the movement and empowers others to get involved
  • Gets together about once a month to strategize and plan for what their city wants and needs
  • Spreads the word and gets people to sign up for TWC and come to our events
  • Comes up with original ideas for marketing and events
  • Helps build a list of bars, events and travel destinations for their community to go to
  • Works directly with the city’s Community Managers to execute ideas
  • Is at most GQBs to engage with people who have showed up alone or just want to know more about TWC
  • Makes hats (not a requirement, but Charles from Philly loves TWC so much he printed this fabric and got these made. And Jordan in Boston made these. So... it's basically a tradition at this point.)

We think that the Day 1 Club members usually embody some (not necessarily all) of these qualities:

  • Engaged
  • Excited by TWC and wants to do more than just show up to events
  • Is totally committed to coming to at least 1-2 events per month
  • Likes to connect with people and have fun
  • Is passionate about building community
  • Can walk up and talk to a stranger

Sound awesome? It is. Drop us a line to let us know you're interested!


"I've been involved with other LGBT groups but it's been awesome having a community here in Philly that I can connect with and hang with at least once a month. Being a part of D1C is pretty cool because it gives me a voice in what events/places I think could use some more rainbows and glitter (and we get swag!). I've gained great friends through TWC and am excited to see where TWC takes us next!"
- Erica, Day 1 Club Philly member

Marquise Philly D1C.jpg

"So far, I've really enjoyed meeting other Day 1 Clubbers. They're an energetic bunch who, like me, enjoy new adventures and experiences every now and then. More so, they're thrilled to share these experiences with others."
- Marquise, Day 1 Club Philly member

“I like being in on the ground floor of a movement that I’m so passionate about. A movement that I get to help shape and decide what it looks like. And with The Welcoming Committee you get what you put into it, tenfold. By being an active member of the community you get back so much community in return.”
- Rada, Day 1 Club Philly member

“Being a member of the Day 1 Club has given me a whole new take on what it means to be LGBT in the city. I usually feel uncomfortable whenever I  go places that aren't specifically LGBT bars, and D1C and The Welcoming Committee has helped show me that any space can be a safe space when you bring in 400 gays.”
- Michael, Day 1 Club Philly member

"Things I love about being a D1Clubber: Welcoming Philly Noobies to the City of Brotherly Love. Encouraging LGBTs to invade neighborhoods outside of the Gayborhood. Bringing people together. Spreading the love. And dancing. ALL OF THE DANCING."
- Tammarah, Day 1 Club Philly member

Joey D1C Philly.jpg

I’m new to the ranks of the D1C and it’s kind of hard to put into words how excited I am about it. As a leader of a lot of Latina-related organizing efforts, I learned, sometimes the hard way, the complexities of ally-hood.  Being an ally isn’t just about lip service, though it is about showing up, and it’s more often about listening than it is about making yourself heard. So, I've chosen to channel my ally-hood full-throttle into The Welcoming Committee. It’s a privilege to help out however I can. It’s also hella fun, I can’t lie. The people in TWC and the D1C are top-notch, prime cut, first class. They literally give me faith in the human race.  
- Joey, D1C Philly

Charles D1C Philly.jpg

"Engagement. Involvement. New Friends. Having the time of your life."
- Charles, Day 1 Club Philly member