Cambridge, December 14, 2-6:30pm

This is the bar crawl you always wish you had in your college days. Pick up your drinking shoes, gather the troops and get ready to put those frat boys to shame. We'll be hitting 4 bars in Cambridge over the course of one afternoon and end at a dance spot where you can continue the after party. The concept is pretty simple, but if you want to know what it will look like, check out these pictures from last year's JP vs. Somerville and Fanueil Hall bar crawls.

What's in store? Outside of sheer awesomeness with over 150 of your new friends at 4 different bars, we'll start you off with your first cocktail, throw in some free food at bar #3 and end it all with one big dance party. And for those of you who are brand new to the Uber car service, we're giving you $20 towards your first ride to or from the crawl.

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Bar Crawl Takeover Tickets:

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