The Welcoming Committee is launching a year-long initiative to raise funds and generate volunteer hours for nonprofits. We’re hosting LGBTQ-centric events that will span nightlife, culture, and a day of service. The goal of each event is to raise awareness and create impact for organizations that support and encourage communities—fun for a cause.

We’re kicking things off on February 13 with a big, LGBTQ bar takeover. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the GLBT Domestic Violence Project and the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force. Throughout the night we will also be joined by many of the LGBT asylum seekers who have never had the opportunity to go out and celebrate with people in the community.

Are you bursting with love for this philanthropic Friday night? If you haven’t already, sign up as a member for details on where we’re headed.

About the Beneficiaries:

The LGBT Asylum Task Force is an organization whose mission is to house, feed and support LGBT asylum seekers who are escaping threats of abuse, torture, death and imprisonment. Unlike refugees, asylum seekers get no support while they file a legal case and attempt to obtain a work permit. They arrive on traveling visas, then, decide to fight for asylum after arriving. Often, they are unaware that they are not allowed to work and become homeless and hungry. 

Since the Task Force's inception they have helped 90 people from 15 countries, including Jamaica, Uganda, Cameroon, Zambia, Palestine, Lebanon, Nigeria and many more. Today, it is still illegal to be gay in 80 countries.

Want to become more involved, read their stories, or donate directly? Head here.

The GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project is a social service agency whose mission is to assist and support victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They offer a variety of free services including a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, a safe home, legal advocacy, and community based programming.

If you can't make it to the February 13th give-back event but are still interested in donating, just head here.

About Our Partners:
TWC is teaming up with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Who are the Sisters, you ask? Combine drag-nuns, performance art, and charity. Rinse and repeat. If you haven’t already met/loved/hugged the Sisters, you should. They’re major supporters of all kinds of LGBTQ-friendly nonprofits. That’s why we’ve asked them to help us select the organizations benefiting from our service work and fundraising efforts.

If you're interested in learning more about the Boston chapter and/or want to get involved, simply head here.

What Else Is Coming Up?
Glad you asked. During the summer of 2015, we’ll be gathering the gays to pull off a major service takeover. Imagine hundreds of LGBTQ hands joining forces for their community on the same day. Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter, preparing meals at a local food bank, or cleaning up the city—TWC Boston will be pitching in, big time! Want to make sure you hear about it first? Just sign up here so we can send you all of the details. 

In the winter months we'll be cutting the chill by throwing a cultural event for our members, with proceeds going to a nonprofit in need. Art, culture, philanthropy, and gays. #winning

How to Help
Are you a community, social, or employee resource group that’s interested in getting involved? Give Ashley a shout: She’d love to chat with you about partnering with the Sisters and TWC!