Boston's Guerrilla Queer Bar launched in 2007 with a simple question: why shouldn't gays be able to experience every bar in Boston the same comfortable way that straight people do? So, on the first Friday of every month, we would get a few friends together and head to a bar. Pretty soon the gay gossip networks were twittering and hundreds of LGBTQs were showing up. And then, in 2011, Boston Magazine chose us as the best gay bar in Boston. And in 2012, they chose us again. The funny thing is that we're still not a bar.

Eventually we thought, "Why just bars? Shouldn't LGBTQ people be able to experience the whole city in the same way? And why just Boston?" So in 2012 we re-launched as The Welcoming Committee, a nationwide community of LGBTQ people ready to experience the entire world in an outrageously comfortable way. We have two goals: to build our community, through events that bring together a hugely diverse group of people in ways that allow them to actually meet each other, and to take that community basically everywhere. Check out the sort of events we run, and get on the list to find out where we're going next.



Museums, concerts, shows, sports games: we think all of these are a lot more fun (and comfortable) with hundreds of new and old friends in tow.

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We started in bars and are still going strong. GQB happens the first Friday of every month, and our lesbian-oriented Flannel Takeover Company happens on third Saturdays (including March 15!).


We head to iconic destinations and bring the community with us. TWC members get to experience casinos, ski mountains, beach resorts, and more with all the fun of our local takeovers.