We've all seen it. Britney's midriff is absolutely legendary and makes an appearance in every music video she's had creative control over. Feast your eyes on that Britney belly in every incarnation, as we gifcap her bestest Midriff Moments. That is, before you join us to see it up close and personal with us here.

1. Pretty Girls

Apparently Britney is still not yet a woman, but she's right about one thing. That midriff is so damn pretty. Look at that stretch! Bonus points for extra boy tummies all around, and looking relevant in cheetah. 

2. Over Protected (Darkchild Remix)

This is the B-side to the B-side. Britney was killing the mint game before Gaga told us to with nurses in shower caps. If you look closely, you can see this top was meant to be worn full length, but not for Britney. Love the scrunch. Live the scrunch.

3. My Prerogative

Here's Britney, feeling her oats, in nothing but a push-up bra and glammed out rosary beads. But don't be distracted by her bangs, that greasy cocoa butter slathered midriff is giving us heart palpitations.

4. I'm NOT a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

If you squint your eye the belly button winks at you. We're not even going to touch the Little Ho' on the Prairie shirt-shrug here that our mom never let us buy at the Limited Too. Caress that canyon, Britney. We just need to know how you get those abs.

5. Hold it Against Me

This is the Britney you listened to after high school, so it's a whole new game. Still, that hip pop gives us life and proves her belly button pushes all the right buttons. Even though it totally disappears at the beginning of the loop. We forgive thee, Britney.

6. I Wanna Go

This peek of midriff has us tilting our heads down just to keep it in view. Not every diva is brave enough to show muffin... and then lean into it. Does that tummy still do it for us? Yes. Yes, it does. 

7. Circus

The category is: flapper realnuss. Here, Britney shows us that she would have survived American Horror Story: Freak Show and that, yes, she could've turned Matt Bomer straight with that heel twist to hip pop. Bonus point: Feather boas on mimes? Mind. Blown. 

8. Work, Bitch

If you whisper "werk. werk. werk." at your screen while watching this gif, you'll notice it plays the entire music video. Fancy footwork. Bell-bottom leather. Britney is surrounded in sequins, but clearly her midriff shines the brightest. 

9. Boys

This hidden gem is taken from the opening credits of Austin Powers: The One with Beyoncé. Britney has a West Side Story snap battle with the spy, surrounded by shirtless boys in chokers. If you don't know where to look first, the answer is that matching belt/belly button ring combo. Instant KO.

10. Slave 4 U

This is where Britney introduced the costume every boy tried drag for the first time in. She made a green bra iconic and a blue scarf tucked in jean jorts unrepeatable (thank God). Yes we know there's a snake coming up, but for now lets enjoy that chiseled tummy.

11. Crazy

YASS GURL! Toe touches are a thing, but all the way up there? This is pre-personal trainer Britney, so we're honored with her pure, unadulterated midriff. She's showing Buffy a new move here while that belly dimple frowns at us as if to say, "You're not worthy." Bonus point: Green neoprene.

12. Stronger

This one's a threesome. Hair-ography is on high, but true members of the Britney Army have their eyes glued on that midriff. 1) Full on definition and piercing action. 2) A gravity defying bend and twist on stainless steel. 3) Very rare, reverse midriff action, just to turn around and show us washboard flawlessness.

13. Hit Me Baby One More Time

Classic midriff brings it home. If HMBOMT wasn't the first acronym you used as an AIM away status, you were doing it wrong. School gym dance fantasies? Starchy uniforms knotted into sexy-chic perfection? Here's undeniable proof that Britney taught us early on, we don't just show the midriff. We celebrate it. 



*We also want to note that Britney's "Oops!... I Did It Again" midriff moment was purposely excluded. It's only shown in that scene where she's all in white and laying on a table because she broke her leg during a stunt and could only finish the music video laying down. We wanted to be respectful to the Queen.


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