Meet Cynthia and Daniel, TWC Chicago's Community Managers, and Christine, TWC Chicago's Volunteer Alumni Manager. They help the city's LGBTQs meet each other and paint the town red (and orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet). Want to get in touch? Shoot them an email

Daniel Robinson

Meet Daniel: He is a TWC legend that has been around since the beginning in 2007, when he demanded to be a part of the action! He is the kinda guy that makes life better with him in it - this is the stuff TWC is made of. Be sure to ask for a history lesson!

Meet Daniel: Known for obscenely deep v-necks, he has the man patch to pull it off. Don’t let him be coy, another button is often only a drink away.

Meet Daniel: Tall and dapper, you won’t believe the heart, smarts, flirty banter, and genuine laughter that come with, but this is it folks, the whole package.

christine matthew

Meet Christine: Her selfie game is strong, her hair game is even stronger, but her hugging game is unbeatable.

Meet Christine: By day she is a recruitment ninja, by night she's...just a ninja. But, like, a really friendly ninja that wants to do nice things for you.

Meet Christine: Because according to the internet smiling can make you live longer, and Christine will make you smile (A LOT), therefore Christine will make you live longer. SCIENCE!


Cynthia Holmes

Meet Cynthia: She's is a huge ball of energy in a small package who can make a hairpiece out of just about anything. Lover of bubbles (the alcoholic not bath kind).

Meet Cynthia: Social worker, problem fixer, open to anything that comes her way. The perfect mix of professional and diva you could ask for. 

Meet Cynthia: She has the brightest red lipstick, is the best glitterizer you've ever seen, and has the most welcoming laugh you've heard (never heard it? Come meet her!). 


THE CORPS, Chicago

What is the Corps? And why are you already so obsessed with them? 

The Corps is the TWC movement embodied. It is a group of people who represent the energy, diversity, welcoming nature, and strength of the movement. They show up early to all TWC events. Shake hands as people walk through the door. Take selfies with their phones. And post them on Twitter. And that’s just the beginning. You can see/hug/love the current Corps team below.

If you're new to Chicago, tired of your current friends, wondering where to find the best late night food, or just need to learn how to tie a bow tie, then you've arrived in the right place. Each Corps member has gone through extensive training on all of these fronts. Use them. Abuse them. And ask them hard questions. "I'm new to Chicago HELP AHHHHHH" is perfectly appropriate.