join our team. Make an impact.

Over the past 3 years, we've connected more than 32,000 people, in 10 cities all across the country, to their cities' LGBTQ community. While doing so, we've created a volunteer network of over 200 LGBTQs who have joined the movement with us and helped our communities to grow. Our family is growing everyday, and we want you to be part of it.

If the following describes you, then you may be a perfect fit:

  • You enjoy making the LGBTQ community better in your city.
  • You are a social, reliable person who loves working towards making an impact.
  • You a born leader who has ideas about where you'd like to see TWC go in your city. 

The Community Manager role is a 13 month commitment (December 1, 2015-December 31, 2016), with two nationwide Community Manager retreats (December 4-6 in Boston and June TBD). They will be fun, we promise. These volunteers are asked to attend our largest takeovers and give 8-10 hours a month (on average) to building the movement.  

A core function of this role is the recruitment, training, and management of the official welcomers of our movement, the Corps. In conjunction with our Community team (Josh and Molly) who oversee all community initiatives from TWC HQ, all Community Managers:

  • Recruit and train a new volunteer base (the Corps) every 4 months (April, August, December).
  • Assist and manage the Corps throughout their tenure.
  • Interface with HQ to stay up-to-date on city happenings, and provide city feedback.

In addition to working together to mentor classes of the Corps, each Community Manager will have an additional focus. They will be the thought leaders of their focus, driving initiatives in their area, and elevating the conversation about how TWC can best accomplish these initiatives in meaningful and inclusive ways. During the 2016 tenure, the Community Managers will play an integral role in developing new initiatives based on these areas of focus. They are:

Community Growth

Overview: You will be the eyes and ears for HQ to help ensure that TWC is serving the needs of the LGBTQ communities in your city and taking them to the places they want to go. You will mentor the Corps members who are responsible for Corps team building, new member onboarding, and volunteer alumni engagement.

Focus and Initiatives: 

  • Welcoming new members, expanding the reach, and building the Corps.
  • Non-profit partnership/TWC Gives Back relationship building.
  • Development of innovative event and experience offerings.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with HQ to identify community growth opportunities and takeovers (monthly).
  • Send weekly email to the Corps (weekly).
  • Support new member and at-event engagement initiatives, and mentor Corps members with these focuses.
  • Network with other CMs across the country to bounce ideas off one another.

Community Engagement

Overview: You will help make sure that every LGBTQ person in your city knows and loves TWC and has the time of their lives at our takeovers. You will mentor the Corps members responsible for social media engagement and coming up with new and creative ways to engage our community at events.

Focus and Initiatives: 

  • Enhance community participation at & between events, and drive the direction of new inclusivity opportunities.
  • Social media campaign reimagination
  • Cultural competency and inclusivity volunteer training.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the social media presence for your city (ongoing).
  • Support social media and at-event engagement initiatives, and mentor Corps members with these focuses.
  • Develop and execute guerrilla marketing campaigns with HQ for your city (monthly).
  • Network with other CMs across the country to bounce ideas off one another.

Alumni Relations

Overview: You will be responsible for engaging the network of alums within their city and strengthening relationships between volunteer alumni across cities. This CM should attend the takeovers and any other events they can to stay involved with all volunteers. 

Focus and Initiatives: 

  • Enhance the volunteer alumni community, connect all TWC volunteers, and focus on volunteer alumni tracking. 
  • Alumni/Inter-corps relationship building.
  • Non-profit partnership participation tracking of volunteer alumni.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as a bridge between CMs and TWC HQ, sharing relevant information with volunteer alumni.
  • Support alumni, team building, and at-event engagement initiatives, and mentor Corps members with these focuses.
  • Facilitate one activity every two months that brings together current and alumni volunteers.
  • Network with other CMs across the country to bounce ideas off one another; work to help volunteers network with each other.

Scheduling for consideration

  • Attend and support Corps CRUNCH (monthly, 3rd Sunday of the month (except on holiday weekends; in those cases, it will be on the 4th Sunday).
  • Track and share event details and preparation with Corps (per-event).
  • Provide feedback about events.

Community Managers are seen within TWC, by our members, and among each city’s LGBTQ organizations as leaders of the LGBTQ movement. Additional benefits associated with the role include:

  • Access to a truly national network of TWC’s leaders.
  • Exposure outside of TWC to your city’s LGBTQ leaders and nonprofits.
  • Travel to two in-person nationwide community management retreats in Boston.
  • Free entrance or discounted tickets to all nightlife, cultural, and sports takeovers, and TWC’s travel experiences.
  • A seat at the table for TWC policy decisions that impact our approach to experiential equality.
I’m incredibly thankful for this role—it’s a great way to meet new people and help form new connections in the community.
— Ryan Yowell, 2015 Boston CM
I have been unbelievably lucky to be a community manager in DC. It has been the highlight of my time in this city to see our community expand through our unbelievably talented and dedicated volunteers, taking over events across the city where everyone feels like a family. Every time I walk into a TWC event it feels like coming home.
— Fiona Hanley, 2015 D.C. CM