STARTING THIS APRIL, we're giving the gift of glitter to NYC, LA, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

You're Welcome.

Hi. We're The Welcoming Committee, and we're fabulous. TWC is a nationwide community of LGBTQ people who take over typically straight spaces for one-time-only experiences. Starting this April, we’re expanding to four small fishing villages: New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

You should join us.
Only our members get access to our big, gay takeovers—nightlife, concerts, sports events, and more. And only the first 1000 people to join in each of our new cities will be invited to our month-long series of private launch events in April, where we’ll share the TWC experience with you before anyone else. Starting in May, the training wheels come off. We'll roll out our large-scale takeovers, and the real mayhem (gayhem?) will begin.

Tell no one. But sign up immediately.