The Welcoming Committee helps LGBTQ people access the entire world in outrageous comfort. In the cities where we operate, we take our members, by the hundreds, to iconic cultural, nightlife, sports, and travel destinations. These events, or “takeovers,” are the hallmark of our approach to helping our members achieve day-to-day experiential equality everywhere they want to go.

Now, TWC is building partnerships with local and national employee resource groups to assist in providing social experiences for their employees. Our partners have the unique opportunity to access events where employees are guaranteed to have a blast, and all the logistical work required in planning and executing the events is left to TWC.

What is a TWC Corporate Partner?

TWC Corporate Partners are typically employee resource groups that are interested in providing opportunities for their employees to participate in social experiences together. These experiences strengthen relationships within employee resource groups and between those groups and the greater LGBTQ community. Just imagine bringing your employees together for a baseball game and sitting all together amidst 750 LGBTQs. Or heading to The Nutcracker, an iconic cultural institution, where you can bring your group and meet other individuals in the community throughout the night.  

How does it work?

We ask that each corporate partner assign a point person to work with TWC HQ to select experiences they think would be most beneficial for their employees. Four times per year, TWC will have specific opportunities for employee resource groups to join social programming and encourage their members to attend. These experiences include cultural, sports, and travel and will vary depending on the city you're operating in. From there we'll work with each partner individually to grant them access to those events and create more meaningful programming for their employees.

Why this is unusually awesome:

Corporate partners, depending on the events they select, have the opportunity to benefit in at least one of the following ways:
1) Gain early access to high demand events that typically sell out in a few hours or a few days.
2) Hold a certain number of seats for their group and ensure that all employees are sitting together.
3) Make LGBTQ life at your workplace better than LGBTQ life at all of the companies that don't work with us.


This sounds cool. How do I get started?

1) If you haven't already, get in touch with Ashley:
2) She'll get you set up with tickets to the events that you're most interested in, depending the city, or cities, that you operate in.
3) Your group bubbles with joy and you look really good for it!


Who else are you working with?

Excellent question. Below are the logos of some of the corporate partners that we've had the pleasure of working with!  Want to get your logo on this list? Just send Ashley a note and we'll get everything rolling.