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Eventbrite - TWC's Red Sox Takeover

Welcome to TWC's Red Sox Takeover! On Wednesday, May 28 at 7pm, join hundreds of LGBTQs as we watch the Red Sox battle the Atlanta Braves to take over the diamond. If you've always wondered what's lurking behind the Green Monster when you head to Tequila Rain for GQB, now's the time to find out.

We sold out the first block of 465 seats, but the Red Sox moved some friends to another night to give us another block of 266 nearby. You can see where the seats are below.


  • Tickets will be emailed to you directly from the Red Sox a week before the game. We’ll check in with you after they’re sent out to ensure you’ve received them and have everything you need!
  • If you’re coming solo and want to sit with other TWC members who are coming stag, just join the "TWC Corps and Friends" group, and you'll be mixed up with other TWCers like a tasty box of Cracker Jacks.
  • If you’re coming with friends but want to buy all of the tickets at once, just hit “Participate as an individual” and select the number tickets you want. Just remember, you’ll be the person receiving the email with all of the tickets for your friends.
  • If you’re coming with a group that wants to sit together, but you don't want to buy all of the tickets yourself, hit "Create a group." Your friends will be able to join your group, and you'll all be seated together. Just make sure your friends get their tickets before we sell out!
  • If you buy a ticket for the second block but join a group that was created in the first block, you will be seated in the second block. But don't worry we'll make sure that everyone in your group who's in that second block sits together.
  • The week of the game we'll send you information about a TWC pre-party nearby, starting at 6pm. We've been told the Coors Light Girls will be stopping by with some giveaways. 
Fenway park seating.png

Any questions? Get in touch!

BAWL softball league and the FLAG football league have already let us know they want a bunch of seats within our block. If your sports league/workplace affinity group/school group wants to come too, or you have any other questions, just let us know!