Join TWCers from Philly, Boston, and everywhere else for five nights on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas, sailing to Bermuda from Cape Liberty, just outside New York City. 

Climb a rock wall that overlooks the sea, or check out the basketball court, ice-skating rink, and mini-golf course. Plus, there are 4 pools,  6 whirlpools, 15 bars, clubs, and lounges, and a casino. With bar crawls, pool parties, GQBs in different clubs every night, and even our very own open bar send-off party on the first night of the cruise, we'll be taking over, all over the ship. 

And it doesn't stop when we get to Bermuda: with its pristine pink sand beaches and picturesque town squares, there'll be plenty of sun, dining, and, of course, more dancing. You'll be free to snorkel, sail, or just relax on the beach.

If you're travelling alone and looking to room with others, or travelling with a friend or two and looking to fill the last spot in your room, we have a forum right here to help you find roommates. Once you've matched up, you can follow the directions below to reserve your cabin:


  • Call our agents at the Cruise and Vacation Group at 888-206-4174, say you’re traveling with The Welcoming Committee (reference number 46209). The agent will help you with all the options. 
  • Serious discounts are available if you reserve now: they're offering free room, board, and port fees to the 3rd and 4th person staying in a room(though you'll still be on the hook for taxes and other fees), as well as discounts for residents of certain states (including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania). Ask about discounts when you call 888-206-4174 and the agent will be able to walk you through any you may qualify for. These discounts may end at any time, so it's best to reserve now.
  • To reserve a cabin with the current discounts, you'll need to put down a $200 deposit per cabin. Final payment is due on June 20, and if you'd like to pay in installments just mention that to the agent and they'll help you out. The base cost for two people in an interior stateroom starts at $359/person, plus all taxes and fees (up to an additional $450). 

Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost?
Trying to figure out how much a cruise costs is like trying to figure out who the person saved as “JP Girl 6” in your phone is. Sometimes, you just have to ask. Call our agents at the Cruise and Vacation Group at 888-206-4174 and they'll give you the cost based on the type of room you choose and how many people you have. Most TWC members have been paying $500-$800 per person, depending on their choices.

Why is it more than the prices on the cruise company's website?
The prices listed on any cruise website are the base costs, which can more than double when you add all the fees and taxes. The prices listed are also for the least expensive cabins; if you want a window, higher floor, balcony, or Jacuzzi, that'll cost you more.

Are the 3rd and 4th person really free?

The third and fourth person in your stateroom get free room, board, and port fees, but have to pay taxes and other fees. Right now the least expensive cabins only accommodate two people, but bunking up with 3 others can still save you hundreds of dollars.

How excited should I be about this cruise?
Very. Like, so much.

Full Schedule

(Subject to get increasingly more awesome as details become available)

Friday, Sept. 19

  • Pre-party in NYC

Saturday (Day 1) – Sail Away

  • 12:30pm Arrive at the Cape Liberty port in New Jersey

  • 2:00pm Latest time to be on board

  • 4:00pm Depart / Get settled / Required emergency drill

  • 6:00pm Cocktail time with TWC members

  • 7:30pm Dinner @ Main Dining Room (open dining)

  • 11:00pm Dancing on board

Sunday (Day 2) - On the seas

royal caribbean cruise explorer-of-the-seas-large_0_2.jpg
  • Grab breakfast on your own or have it delivered through room service

  • 11:00am: Pool time

  • 12:30pm: Lunch (open dining)

  • 2:00pm: Pool time / mini golf / rock climbing / spa

  • 6:30pm: Dinner @ Main Dining Room (open dining)

  • 9:00pm: Cocktail time with TWC members

  • 11:00pm: Dancing

Monday (Day 3) - Dock in Bermuda

  • 9:00am: Arrive in Bermuda!

  • 11:00am - 4pm: Beach time with TWC

  • 5:00pm - Cocktail time / Dinner on shore

  • 8:00pm - Back to boat / relax / change

  • 10:00pm - Cocktail time with TWC

  • 11:00pm - Dancing

Tuesday (Day 4) - Bermuda

  • 11:00am: On shore activity with TWC (Snorkeling, sailing, beach)

  • 1:00pm: On shore lunch / Free time

  • 3:00pm: Board the ship

  • 5:00pm: Depart from Bermuda

  • 7:00pm: Dinner (Open dining)

  • 8:00pm: On ship entertainment

  • 10:00pm: Cocktail time

  • 11:00pm: Dancing

royal caribbean explorer of the seas promenade.jpg

Wednesday (Day 5) - On the seas

  • 11:00am: Pool time / mini golf / rock climbing

  • 1:00pm: Lunch

  • 3:00pm: Ship bar crawl with TWC

  • 7:00pm: Dinner (Open dining)

  • 10:00pm: Cocktail time

  • 11:00pm: Last night of dancing!

Thursday (Day 6) - Arrive in NJ

  • 8:00am: Arrive back in New Jersey

  • 8:15am: Hug all of your new best friends / say goodbye

  • 8:20am: Text all of your new best friends to tell them how much you miss them