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The Day 1 Club. What's that? When TWC launches in a new city, we gather a group of people who come together to catalyze the growth of the movement in their city. Quite simply, they are the brains, faces, hugs, handshakes, and strategists of the movement.

During their tenure, the Day 1 Club has four goals as we launch in their city:

  • Carrying the torch: TWC has hundreds of volunteers who make what we do a(n outrageous) reality. Our volunteers build community at our events and help integrate new members into the movement. The D1C is the first rendition of this in a new city.
  • Plotting takeover destinations: Working with TWC HQ to identify iconic places in desperate need of a takeover.
  • Mapping the city: Helping the community team ensure that TWC is totally inclusive of the LGBTQ communities in the city.
  • Getting guerrilla: Develop local guerrilla marketing campaigns that speak to the needs of the city. No rules. Go crazy. We double dare you.

See why some LGBTQs decided to join TWC's Day 1 Club and read on to learn more about how to join!

What's next: 

Sound like your gig? Let us know you're interested and we'll start the conversation by getting in contact and telling you everything you need to know.

"I joined TWC because it's a combination of all of my favorite things: sparkles, puppies, Robyn, rainbows, meeting great people. " - JP, Chicago Day 1 Club

"Leticia and I decided to volunteer with the TWC Day 1 Club because being a lesbian in the military community is sometimes a challenge. TWC = support." - Al, Atlanta Day 1 Club

"I joined the TWC as soon as he heard it was coming to San Francisco, because it's a fabulous way for this city to live up to its all-inclusive, welcoming reputation." - Joey, San Francisco Day 1 Club

"From interning in Boston last summer to moving to DC this past August, I have found myself in communities without a large network of support. The Welcoming Committee’s events mitigated that issue, showing me the importance of having a visible, inclusive LGBT community. While the expectation of “instant friends” at such events seems flippant, TWC helped me connect with a welcoming group of people who ensured I wasn’t isolated as I transitioned out of college. Their events exemplify the importance of welcoming others in our community and I am proud to be a part of their movement." - Andrew, DC Day 1 Club