The Day 1 Club. What's that? Quite simply, they're the welcomers of The Welcoming Committee. They are the face, hugs, and handshakes of the movement. Their job is to show up and make every TWC takeover outrageously comfortable for TWC members. If you're new, they're there to tell you what TWC is all about. If you show up alone, they'll greet you and introduce you to your new friends. On trips, they'll be your team captains to introduce you to your bunkmates or waive you onto the right bus. 

If you spot one, say hi! You might catch them with the TWC logo on their hat, scarf, or shirt. They're excited to meet you!

D1C website.png

If you want to learn more about becoming part of the D1C, read on. In general, Day 1 Clubbers must…

  • be excited to be the primary sounding board as we bounce around ideas for where we are headed next.
  • commit to grow the TWC mission: bringing the LGBTQ community to spaces all across the city in a comfortable, welcoming, and fun way.
  • work with Mary and Kevin. Closely.
  • be bad asses who will commit to some amazing things that we will ask of you.

If this sounds like your jam and you want to find out how to get involved, email your community managers