For the past two years, we've stormed a casino with busloads of LGBTQs, took over 3 bars, and showed Shrine what a nightclub dance party should really look like. Time for round three.

This year we'll be descending on the largest casino in the United States for another night of insanity on November 1-2. Here's what's included: One night stay at the Fox Tower (formerly MGM Grand Hotel), bus rides there and back (from downtown Boston), drinks, survival kits, entrance to Shrine Nightclub, and one night to experience Foxwoods Casino like you never have before. Plus, you'll get to hang out with all the LGBTQs from TWC Philly. You're welcome. 

Plus, there are two shows to catch over the weekend:

  • The So You Think You Can Dance Tour at 8pm on Saturday, November 1 (including Bridget and EmilioRicky and ZackValerie and Jessica, and more), right before we head to Shrine.
  • Melissa Etheridge in her "This Is ME" tour at 7pm on Sunday, November 2. If you choose to see Melissa, we'll get you on a late bus back to Boston after the show.

Check out the pictures from our takeovers in 2012 and 2013. You can also learn more about #Destination Takeovers here

Group & Ticket options:

  • If you are traveling alone, like a quarter of our travelers, sign up as an individual. If you choose a ticket for 2 or 4 to a room, we'll match you up with your new best friends.
  • If you are traveling with a group and would like to purchase tickets for everyone in your group, simply sign up as an individual and select the number and kind of tickets you would like. 
  • If you are traveling with a group and would like everyone to pay separately, go here, sign in, click on "Create a Group", name the group and then ask your friends to join that group when they're buying their ticket. We will make sure your group is staying in the same room!

What's included:

  • Transportation to and from downtown Boston by charter bus
  • One-night stay in the Fox Tower at Foxwoods
  • $15 gambling or buffet credit
  • Entrance to Shrine nightclub
  • Drinks and survival kits

Tickets to SYTYCD and Melissa Etheridge are sold as additional products, but you'll still be seated with all the other TWCers.


Saturday, November 1

  • 12pm: board buses in downtown Boston. Get your survival kits and meet your new best friends.

  • 2pm: check in at the Fox Tower at Foxwoods.

  • 2:01: Meet TWC Philly! Jump for joy.

  • 4pm: Bar crawl! See what Foxwoods has to offer (and take it over)

  • 6:30pm: Dinner, gambling, shopping, more cocktails

  • 8pm: So You Think You Can Dance 

  • 10pm: Shrine Nightclub MiniGQB

Sunday, November 2

  • 11am: early bus to Boston
  • 7pm: Melissa Etheridge in "This Is ME"

  • 10:30pm: late bus to Boston.


Included in the ticket price is a round trip ride in a 50 passenger charter bus from downtown Boston to Foxwoods with all of your new friends. We'll be departing at 12pm on Saturday, November 1 and arriving at the Fox Tower just before check-in time. Sunday's departure time at 11am will have you back in Boston at approximately 1pm.

Not only is the Fox Tower the nicest hotel on the Foxwoods property but it also happens to be the closest to the theater, Shrine nightclub and some of our favorite bars. You have the option of staying in a room with 3 other people (the cheapest option), 1 other person, or having a room all to yourself. 

If you're traveling solo, like 25% of our #DestinationTakeover-ers do, you can opt in to any of the room options. If you sign up for a 4 person room or a 2 person room, we'll match you up with roommates.

Got questions? Email Ashley (click here) and ask her anything.