We've hit a jackpot: Melissa Etheridge and the So You Think You Can Dance Tour are both at Foxwoods on the weekend we'll be there. SYTYCD is at 8pm on Saturday, November 1 (right before we hit Shrine Nightclub), and Melissa Etheridge is at 7pm on Sunday, November 2.

Base pricing for the trip:

  • $174.99 per person for 4/room
  • $249.99 per person for 2/room
  • $404.99 for a private room

This includes round-trip bus from Boston, hotel, $15 in gambling/buffet credits, bar crawl, entrance to Shrine Nightclub, and swag. If you want to see the entire itinerary, head here.

So, what are you interested in? Tell us by midnight tonight so we can make the magic happen.

(Note that if there's enough demand, we'll keep one bus at Foxwoods late on Sunday to bring back everyone from the Melissa Etheridge concert (and anyone else who just wants to stay and gamble) around 10pm. If not, we'll put the group on a late Greyhound back to Boston. #klass)

Do you want to see a show? *
Even if you're not going to Melissa Etheridge, would you want to stay at Foxwoods late on Sunday?
You'd depart at 10pm after the concert is finished.
Given the new options, are you in? *
No, really, are you *actually* coming?