Every month, we throw a party just for new TWCers to meet, mingle, and make best friends with one another (and us). We throw the party in a different straight bar on a weekday before Guerrilla Queer Bar and features our local volunteers as your guide to all that is pineapple flavored. They'll be there specifically to introduce you to everyone, including themselves. 

This month, your neighborhood get together will be at Right Proper Brewing Co (624 T St NW) on Tuesday, September 1 at 7:00! Show up, grab a drink, bring a friend, and get to know some new people in your neck of the gay woods. Our DC Community Managers (who look like this) and The Corps  (who look like this) will be there to answer all of your TWC takeover questions like:

  • How are TWC and Guerrilla Queer Bar related?
  • What exactly is a "takeover"?
  • Are pineapple tank tops mandatory for all of the things?