What’s Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB)?
There are gay bars. There are straight bars. But The Welcoming Committee's Guerrilla Queer Bar is something special. On the first Friday of every month, The Welcoming Committee invites its members to gather en masse at a non-gay bar, much to the surprise of the regular crowd. It’s not a protest—it’s just good, glittery fun. We announce the neighborhood four days before (Monday) and the bar one day before (Thursday). That’s just how we do. Become a TWC member for free to find our next GQB.

What’s The Welcoming Committee (TWC)?
TWC is the largest LGBTQ social network this side of the rainbow—legiterally 27,000 people and counting. We organize good, gay fun on a local level. From bar takeovers to culture and sports to destination travel, we’ve got life beyond the gay bar covered in 10 US cities. We also put together travel excursions that bring together folks from across North America. Part events and travel company, part volunteer operation, all inclusive. Join us.



(GQB is known as First Friday Takeover in SF)