The Hasty Pudding Theatricals at Harvard have put together their 166th production, putting a twist on college musicals with a completely original script and score. We think it's about time to see what these kids are made of. On Friday, February 21, join 150 LGBTQs as we discover what all the fuss (and fussy petticoats) is about.

Early sign-ups have closed. Tickets will be on sale soon. Any questions? Let us know.

Victorian-Secrets HPT.jpg

From the website:

Something’s rotten in the state of England! Lady of the evening, Mona Lott, has been found dead at Victorian Secrets, a brothel run by no-nonsense madam Harriet Upinthere. Everyone wants to know who did it, but as long as dim-witted cop Billy Club is mounting the investigation, they’re not going to find out. Is creepy professor Hannibal Lecture innocent, or is he Jekyll-and-Hydeing his crimes? Did crackpot scientist Ella Mental have a hand in the murder, or does she just have a hand preserved in a jar? Will ex-missionary Sharon Secrets spill the beans, or will she just get herself to a nunnery? One thing’s for certain—chimney sweep Colby Inmahlungs needs to get that cough checked out. Slum’s the word in the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ 166th production!