The Boston Symphony Orchestra thinks their Holiday Pops concert is pretty festive. There's a sing-along, Santa Claus shows up, and some iridescent snowflakes fall from the sky. Well, we're going to show them how the holidays were meant to be celebrated. Join us, and a legion of 100 LGBTQs, for the Holiday Pops concert like you've never seen it. Monday, December 16, 8pm

Go here. Select the number of seats you want. Pay for them. On 12/16 pick up your tickets at the box office. Sit. Enjoy. Be gay.

Tickets for TWC members are $37.50 (that's 50% off from the regular $75 ticket price) and there are only 100 of them so here's a little nudge to buy quickly. Once you buy your tickets, the nice people over at the Boston Symphony Orchestra will hold onto them until the night of the performance, when you can pick them up at the box office.

Per usual, we got a big chunk of tickets all nestled closely together so TWC will be holiday pop-ing en masse. While we can't guarantee that you'll be situated directly next to your bestie, all 100 seats are in the same section, so you'll certainly be nearby. To increase the likelihood of sitting next to your friends, we'd encourage you to pick a leader and buy tickets in one big chunk.

And because we're super fancy, the BSO has given us table seating (with 5 people at each table) on the left hand side of the ground floor of the theater. That means you get table service and can eat and drink your little heart out. It is, after all, the holigays, which means calories don't count. To get a better sense of exactly where we'll be, take a look at the seating chart below.

And because it would be rude of us not to throw an after party, we'll be heading to a nearby bar after the show to continue the festivities. Location will be announced to ticket holders the week before.

Questions? Comments? Bedazzled santa hats? Email Ashley to ask her everything: