Rafting. 3 days. 2 nights. 2 lodging options. Here's what you can expect:

Arrival in Maine: 
After driving to the Forks Outdoor Resort right by the Kennebec River in Maine and checking in (anytime after 2pm on Friday), here's the list of things you can expect (everything is optional):

You can check-in anytime after 2pm and get yourself set-up in either a bunkhouse or in your own tent (depending on which ticket you purchase). If you make it to the Forks Outdoor Fun Resort before evening time, feel free to head out to any of the hiking trails or join TWC's troops for some field games right on the campground.

The Forks Outdoor Resort comes fully loaded with a bar, restaurant and karaoke on Friday night. If you need dinner after you arrive, the bar/restaurant is stocked with a full menu or you can bring your own food to grill on your bunkhouse or camp site's fire pit (just bring your own grill or metal grate to throw on top- the campground doesn't supply those). If karaoke isn't your thing, join TWC's troops for some 'lawn' games and a bon-fire while drinking some of the free beer TWC's Crew will have in tow.

Saturday Day:
Start your morning with a $7 buffet breakfast (not included in the ticket price) at the nearby restaurant and gear up for a full day of rafting from 9am to 4pm. Troops will need to be ready to go by 8:30am. Once you get on the rafts (which fit anywhere between 6 to 9 people) and experience the Class 4 Kennebec River, we'll be stopping for a big BBQ lunch (that has a veggie burger option for those of you who don't eat meat) with the rest of the rafters. When that wraps up, we'll hit the water for another few hours and head back to camp at 4pm. 

After returning, you can head out to the surrounding hiking trails, hang out with the group and play some 'lawn' games, or hit the Maine Outdoor Film Festival that's taking place within walking distance from the campground. (TWC gets 25% off tickets for the weekend, which can be purchased at checkout.)  

Saturday Evening/Night:
On Saturday night, the campground boasts live music and a full dinner menu at the bar/restaurant. After dark, they'll also throw a giant log on the camp's main fire pit for one big bonfire. TWC's troops can hang there or just party at their own sites with more beer and games throughout the night.

Sunday morning:
Sunday morning a buffet breakfast is served at the campground's bar/restaurant for $7. You can hang out in your bunks/tents until checkout at 11am that morning. If you want to spend some more time exploring the hiking trails, just pack up your car with your gear and feel free to stay. The campground can also take your luggage and keep it for you until you return to leave.