Open Positions

Working at TWC
TWC’s mission is to help LGBTQ people experience the entire world in an outrageously fun and comfortable way. Across the country, we build enormous communities of LGBTQs and take them to iconic nightlife, cultural, sports, and travel destinations. We have hundreds of volunteers across the country who act as the backbone of the movement. Just 10 people power the entire thing from Boston's Fort Point, at the almost too-hip WeWork. And we're looking for a few more fabulous coworkers.

Quick question: Are you ready to change the world?
Working at TWC will be the most rewarding job of your life. You'll be asked to work hard, think outside the box, be creative, act strategically, and always stay mission focused. If we succeed, we'll bring experiential equality to the entire country, and hopefully beyond. This takes an incredible amount of focus and work. TWC is a true startup. The environment is fast paced, and while our mission stays solid, how we reach it changes on a near daily basis. We’re looking for people who demonstrate passion, excellence, and comfort with change; who value teamwork and exhibit warmth. Are you up for the challenge?

How to apply
Below are descriptions of the open positions. If you’re interested in applying, please send your resume and a short note about what you love about TWC and why you are qualified for the position to If we think you could be a good fit, we'll let you know about interviews. 

Travel Team (2 positions)

The Welcoming Committee is redefining LGBTQ travel by bringing large groups of LGBTQ people to regional, national, and international destinations. Already, we've executed 12 trips and booked almost 1,000 travelers. While we have averaged 3-4 trips per year, In 2016 we've already got 10 trips in the works, and plan to run even more in 2017 and beyond.

Today, we have two teams who oversee local and travel experiences together, but we are building a standalone travel team to plan, market, sell, and execute our travel program to our 30,000 members and all LGBTQ people outside of our membership. This dream team will consist of two roles:

Business Development

About the role:

  • Build annual travel calendar, book all trips, and oversee execution
  • Along with your marketing counterpart, define cohorts of potential travelers and build annual travel calendars for each
  • Research destination options and build relationships with potential local visitor bureaus, lodging options, and entertainment providers for trips in the pipeline
  • Book and negotiate all trips and associated experiences
  • Build sales models, pricing strategies, financial projections, and risk assessment tools for each event and overall annual calendars
  • Design detailed activity schedules for each trip, and work with your marketing counterpart on all pre-, post-, and mid-trip communications
  • Design staffing models for events and attend trips when necessary
  • Handle all major and minor operational tasks associated with executing each trip
  • Cultivate and work with brand sponsors to add value to each travel experience
  • Answer all travel-related customer service emails
  • Work extremely closely with TWC HQ’s city teams to plan trips that resonate with our local membership and to coordinate travel and marketing dates with local and regional TWC calendars

We’re looking for people with experience:

  • Planning large-scale group travel experiences
  • Managing long-term planning processes
  • Setting prices for consumer-facing experiences
  • Negotiating large contracts, specifically with hotels and travel/entertainment providers
  • Making data-driven decisions with Excel and other data analysis software
  • Selling brand sponsorships for events and integrating brands into large experiences
  • Forecasting sales and assessing financial risk
  • Tracking ticket sales and managing variable costs for large events
  • Connections and relationships in the hotel and travel worlds
  • Maintaining a marketing-focused approach to business development
  • Being top notch project managers
  • Excited about the future of TWC Travel, group travel, and their ability to make a huge impact on a growing startup

Marketing & Communications

About the role:

  • Write all emails, design all artwork, produce all ads, and oversee the creation of content related to the marketing and sales of TWC Travel
  • Along with your business development counterpart, define cohorts of potential travelers and build annual travel calendars for each
  • Build long term, flexible planning and execution calendars for all marketing and communications associated with TWC Travel
  • Define segmented marketing strategies to reach the right TWC members in the right way about the right trips, and collaborate with the city marketing teams to coordinate messaging, tone, and timing
  • Define segmented and multi-channel external marketing strategies to introduce TWC Travel to non-members who could be interested in our trips
  • Work with business development counterpart to set pricing strategies that make trips accessible while encouraging people to make purchases at key times, considering that there will be multiple trips on sale at once
  • Work closely with local and national PR outlets
  • Use data to drive all marketing decisions
  • Create performance-based marketing budgets, and manage paid marketing campaigns
  • Network within the LGBTQ and overall travel industry

Great candidates for this role are:

  • Experienced marketing professionals, in travel or a comparable industry
  • Incredible, creative, and effective writers
  • Skilled in marketing to multiple cohorts under one brand
  • Connected to LGBTQ and travel PR outlets and have a personal and professional national network they can draw on for advice and connections
  • Outstanding project managers
  • Proficient in Photoshop
  • Deeply experienced in email marketing platforms
  • Proven experts in overseeing and tracking the effectiveness of paid offline and online marketing campaigns
  • Excited about the future of TWC Travel, group travel, and their ability to make a huge impact on a growing startup

Location: Boston, MA

Every week, hundreds of people join TWC, and the rate of change is increasing. If you can define “rate of change,” code an app in under four minutes that measures “rate of change,” and are a full stack developer who wants to change the world, then you should keep reading. The mission of TWC is to help LGBTQ people experience the entire world in outrageous comfort, and our ability to deliver on our mission at a nationwide scale relies heavily on the strength of our web, mobile, and communications technologies. We’re gearing up to overhaul the TWC member experience from a technology perspective, and we need to add a second software engineer to the team to make that happen.

More about the job
In 2014 we saw over 20,000 people at 80 takeovers across the country and added four new cities to our ranks. In 2015, we launched in four new cities and took our membership base to the 30,000 mark. To support this growth, we’re building a personalized web experience for our members that will best help them live out our mission. We want to add mobile tools that will help improve their at-event experiences, and slowly begin to release products that will help members outside of our core cities interact with our mission. As our annual event count goes from under 100 events per year to over 1000, we need to bring event ticketing technology in-house, and build tools that let our partners manage event data as it comes in. Sound like fun? We thought so. Read on.

Skills and experience—we’re looking for people who:

  • Are itching to get into an early stage startup
  • Have experience doing full stack development
  • Like to move fast and break things (and other startup mantras)
  • Are trained in computer science and the principles of good software design
  • Strive for elegance on the front-end and back-end (the KISS principle)
  • Know how to do app development (...this is a bonus, but not a requirement)