If you're eager to hug strangers, help new LGBTQs get acclimated to Boston, and welcome people into a community rooted in giving them access to new spaces and places, then today's your day. Applications for the October 1 - December 31, 2014 session of The Corps are now being accepted (until September 12). The application form is at the bottom of this page.

Check out The Corps' personal Twitter feed and Instagram accounts to see what they're up to, and take a look at the below information to see if you might be interested.

The Welcoming Committee helps LGBTQ people access the entire world in outrageous comfort. In the cities where we operate, we take our members, by the hundreds, to iconic cultural, nightlife, sports, and travel destinations. These events, or “takeovers,” are the hallmark of our approach to helping our members achieve day-to-day experiential equality everywhere they want to go. If TWC helps people access every corner of their cities in outrageous comfort, then The Corps is about making sure that everyone is able to access TWC.

What is The Corps?
The Corps is a nationwide, application-based, 4-month volunteer program where our most passionate TWC members act as a force of welcome at and between our takeovers. While the Corps is a nationwide program, a chapter exists in every one of our cities. Corps members are trained locally, and build lasting bonds with their local cohort and alums of the program. Corps members are assigned specific roles (see more below), and they are connected with their role counterparts in other cities for knowledge sharing (and intense friend making).

What 4 months on The Corps looks like:
Your tenure starts off with Corps-ientation, where you’ll learn more about TWC and get to know your fellow Corps members. While you’re on the Corps, there will be four GQBs, a bunch of cultural and sports events, and maybe even a trip. For each event, you’ll be asked to welcome members to make sure they feel totally comfortable (and are having a great time!). Depending on the event, you may also help organize members and keep things going smoothly. In addition, each Corps member will have a specific role:

Corps roles:
Corps roles are assigned after you’ve been accepted into the program. They are based on interests and skills. We cannot guarantee that you’ll get your first choice role, but while the roles assign accountability within The Corps for specific functions, the entire Corps within each city is expected to tag-team all of these.

The roles:

At-event engagement: The most important thing we do for people who walk through the front door at any of our events is to make sure that we’re creating an atmosphere where all of our members feel welcomed. The at-event engagement managers work with TWC HQ and their counterparts in other cities to bring the welcoming nature of our events to life. Think “Mandatory hugs,” photo booths, etc.

Newbie engagement: When someone joins a new community they’re typicall asking themselves two questions: "Are they like me? And will they like me?" The primary job of the newbie engagement managers is to help people find a place at TWC. They oversea the newbie events and brainstorm additional ways to bring in and enhance the experience for newbies in their cities.

Social media: Social media is one the best tools we have to engage the community before and after events, and to allow people who couldn’t make it or are in different cities to interact with us. The social media managers work with TWC HQ and their counterparts in other cities to execute meaningful and creative campaigns that help our members better understand and live out our mission.

Corps team building: “It’s important to put on your oxygen mask before assisting a child sitting next to you.” AMIRITE? Corps team building is one of the cornerstones of the program. While a handful of Corps-only events like Crunch (Corps Brunch) are officially on the calendar, the people in charge of Corps team building are always looking for additional ways to bring the Corps together.

The Calendar:

  • September 12 @ Noon: Appligaytions due
  • September 17: Interviews conducted
  • September 22: Decision announced
  • September 25: Corps-ientation (Required)
  • October 3: GQB (Required)
  • October 19: Corps event (Required)
  • November 7: GQB (Required)
  • November 16: Corps event (Required)
  • December 5: GQB (Required)
  • December 14: Corps event (Required) 

Corps Alums:
After your 4-month term is over, you’ll become part of the Corps Alums, who are looked to for help and counsel as the TWC community grows and continues to take over America. Corps Alums are called in to help at events and trips and step in when leadership is needed outside of the TWC staff. They also play a vital part in picking the next round of Corps Members.

How to apply:
It’s easy! Simply fill out this form by September 12 at noon, and we’ll get back to you soon thereafter about interviews! Welcome aboard.

Join The Corps:
APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Check back soon for the 2015 application!

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