We're not reinventing the toaster strudel.

It's simple, join hundreds as we takeover a movie theatre and watch the greatest film to grace the silver screen. Mean Girls.

It all goes down at the Landmark Theatre (2828 N Clark St) at 7pm on September 30. That's a Wednesday, so of course we'll all be wearing pink. Or at least sweatpants, white gold hoops, and backwards rhinestone Ks. We'll also provide a giant after-party with cocktails just like the Cool Mom that we are. This time, you can sit with us. But only if you have one of our tickets.

We don't want to sound like a pusher, but we're selling out faster than Cady Heron. So be sure to pick up tickets for you, your Aaron Samuels, and your pack of Plastics. And then maybe 4 more just for Glen Coco.

Have a lot of feelings? Before you go and bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles, RSVP to our Facebook event here and post your favorite Mean Girls quote/gif/meme.