The Corps is the TWC movement embodied. It is a group of people who represent the energy, diversity, welcoming nature, and strength of the movement. They show up early to all TWC takeovers and act as insta-friends for TWC newbies. They give hugs to strangers. Take selfies with their phones. And post them to Insta-Twitter-Tumblr-gram. Follow here!

Corps X bios soon to come! For now, please enjoy this dashing daguerreotype:


Meet Corps IX below. And if you're interested in applying, keep scrolling or simply click here.


CALI mari maldonado

TWC Member #21724
A radiant sunflower blossoming from the energy of inspirational people, smiles, great dancing, music, being outside & buttonups!


Mehak anwar

TWC Member #21097
Mehak is a Seattle native, Kardashian afficianado, and caffeine enthusiast. It's OK if you can't say her name correctly the first time.


TWC Member #14554
born & bred Maine-iac, fluid-identified, lover of all things sweet potato, cats, & craft beer. brought to you by lowercase letters & the #9.


joel menasha

TWC Member #20980
Born-again snow bunny still mourning the loss of Donna Summer. I put the "dance" in guidance counselor. Sucker for tapas. Masshole for life.


travis gendron

TWC Member #12777
Iced coffee addict, pickle connoisseur & whiskey-sipper. Often Midwestern and always needing a snack. Let's discuss Colton Haynes' jawline.


shay rodger

TWC Member #23288
Big fan of tattoo art, storytelling, social media, and books. Netflix binge-watcher, freelance writer, and makeup artist in training.


nicholas cubita

TWC Member #24005
Conversationalist coffee snob at heart. Amateur artist by degree/World traveler by opportunity/T-Swift lover by choice. Pirate/chef wannabe.

bianca joi payton

TWC Member #8857
Detroit native enchanting you with her infectious smile and killer dance moves, she'll also join you in a tequila shot!

CARA hart

TWC Member #5363
Tank top wearing Boston gal. Kettlebells, coffee & documentaries. Sports-loving froyo enthusiast. Say hi; promise I’ll remember your name.


TWC Member #15439
Lover of surly dogs, watching movies ironically, 20-sided dice, really good dance pop, and songs that are self-referencing.


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