Hi! Nice to meet you. We’re The Welcoming Committee, and we’re new in town. So, we wanted to tell you a bit about ourselves. Stop us if you’ve heard this before or need to pause for snacks.

What does it mean to join TWC Minneapolis? We're glad you asked. Being a TWC member means...

Being part of an incredibly inclusive local community
We're committed to making TWC the most inclusive community possible. When you attend an event, you'll meet our awesome volunteers and be introduced to other members of the community across the LGBTQ spectrum. As a result of friendships and connections made through our events, TWC members often feel more comfortable spending time in other LGBTQ spaces in the city, ultimately benefiting all LGBTQ businesses and organizations. 

Having a great time—wherever you want to go
We build community then take it places—the symphony, the major league game, the ski slopes, the beach, or the hottest nightclub. We think that there are lots of places that could be even more fun if you go with 50 or 200 or 1000 of your friends. Every place can be as much fun as a gay bar if you're surrounded by a welcoming bunch of LGBTQs. That's why we call our events takeovers—they're our version of experiential equality.

Joining a national network of LGBTQs
One thing that makes TWC special is that we're a national organization, currently in 10 cities (and planning to branch out to more). If you travel to another city, you might find yourself at one of our takeovers and meet a whole new batch of our volunteers and friends. If you move, you'll still have TWC events to plug in to a new network of LGBTQ buds.

Wait, but.... who is The Welcoming Committee?
TWC was born out of a monthly LGBTQ bar takeover, but today we're equal parts community building and events and travel. We have over 22,500 members in 10 cities across the U.S. That’s a huge group of united LGBTQs!

But we couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers—at least 15 in each city—who help make everyone feel welcome at our events and build connections between our members. More often than not, these connections become friendships. TWC volunteers get free or discounted tickets and invites to special volunteer-only events. But more importantly, volunteering with TWC is a unique leadership opportunity. TWC has nine paid employees, most of whom are involved in outside LGBTQ nonprofits. Like almost all entertainment providers, we have a for-profit model that allows us to be a sustainable operation without diverting money from LGBTQ causes.

TWC helps raise funds for our nonprofit community partners. We hold yearly fundraisers to support local organizations. In the first four months of 2015, we collected over $3,800 to benefit organizations like the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project and the LGBTQ Asylum Support Task Force. TWC also partners with local LGBTQ groups to benefit their efforts and make the world a little gayer for everyone. We believe in adding options for LGBTQs—locally, nationally, and fabulously.

This all began in 2007, when a group of friends started a roaming LGBTQ bar takeover in Boston. It was, and still is, a party not a protest. The Welcoming Committee’s Guerrilla Queer Bar (GQB) continues today on the first Friday of every month. It’s the only LGBTQ bar takeover that happens simultaneously in 10 cities. The first Minneapolis-St. Paul GQB is Friday, May 1.

TWC is building a nationwide community of LGBTQs who want to experience the world together in outrageous comfort. Hundreds of Twin Cities LGBTQs have already joined. We hope you do, too.

We're here for ya: questions@thewelcomingcommittee.com