Ever seen a straight, stand-up comic talk about gay marriage without being offensive? Ever heard a cis-dude talk about trans issues and be sensitive? We’re not saying Nate Craig should run for president, but we do want to support him on Thursday, January 8 at the Zanies Comedy Club. Also he's an alumni of the legendary Second City conservatory.  Also, he's pretty dorbz. You can get your tickets here.

We’ll be taking over our own section of the comedy club which has earned a reputation for hosting queer comedy nights. We say reputation lightly, because there hasn’t been a queer night in months, so we want to remind them how rad an LGBT audience can be. Like most comedy stages, there will be a two item minimum per person, which basically amounts to you getting a whiskey ginger and a jumbo pretzel which you knew you already wanted. Just a heads up before you decide to smuggle in M&Ms via bedazzled murse. 


Haven't heard of Nate Craig yet? Hear him here: