TWC is building partnerships with local and national employee resource groups to assist in providing social experiences for their members. Our partners have the unique opportunity to access events where employees are able to socialize with co-workers and other members of the LGBTQ community, while all of the logistical work required in planning and executing the events is left to TWC.

How does it work?

We ask that each corporate partner assign a point person to work with TWC HQ to select experiences they think would be most beneficial for their employees. Four times per year, TWC will have specific opportunities for employee resource groups to join social programming and encourage their members to attend. These experiences include cultural, sports, and travel and are outlined in the calendar below. We'll work with each partner individually to grant them access to those events and create more meaningful programming for their employees.

The Events:

Each year TWC will have four primary events that have a specific employee resource group component built in. Those groups can gain early access to high demand events that typically sell out in a few hours or a few days. We'll also hold a certain number of seats for your group while ensuring that all employees are sitting together. If you'd like to have one point person purchasing tickets and then distributing them at a pre-party nearby, we can do that. Want your employees to be able to buy tickets themselves but sit with other employees? We can make that happen as well.


Upcoming Events:

Christmas Spectacular
Winter 2015

One of New York City's iconic performances, The Welcoming Committee is pulling together it's members to gather together and experience a winter story like no other. 

TWC's Ski Trip
January/February 2016
Each year The Welcoming Committee brings 150+ LGBTQ folks to a mountain for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and mingling. We'll be announcing dates and tickets for this experience soon!

New York Yankees game
Spring/Summer 2016
Our annual outing to Yankee Stadium gives the LGBTQ community the opportunity to experience the ball park in a whole new way. With over 150 TWC members having joined us last June, we're already excited to see what 2016 has in store. And before the first pitch is even thrown, we'll be sure to head to a nearby spot to grab a drink and mingle with other TWC members until we head to the stands!

Broadway Takeover
Fall 2016
With partners like Broadway Across America, The Welcoming Committee provides opportunities to discover New York's theater scene in a brand new way. Whether you've been in the city for years and have seen every classic performance, or you're brand new to Broadway, TWC is here to help you experience these shows with a new group of friends and co-workers.

Some of our Boston partners:


Have questions?

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