Announcing Overhaul: the straight bar takeover by and for queer women and those who love them. On Saturday, July 18, we’re turning the ignition on this addition to The Welcoming Committee’s Guerrilla Queer Bar takeovers. A pop-up party welcoming the entire spectrum of LGBTQs who love ladies, Overhaul will transform a straight space into a safe place for queer folks. We’ll claim the dance floor and drink specials as our own. Look out straight bars, cuz we’re moving in. 

Overhaul is created with women in mind, but it wouldn’t be The Welcoming Committee if everyone wasn’t invited. Find out who’s going and join the event here.

When and where do we Overhaul?
On the third Saturday of every month, The Welcoming Committee invites queer women and friends to gather en masse at a non-gay bar, much to the surprise of the regular crowd. We announce the neighborhood via email to our members four days before (Tuesday) and the bar one day before (Friday). It’s just how we do. Want it on your agenda? Become a member!