Sherri and Josh, Philadelphia's Community Managers, help the city's LGBTQs meet each other and paint the town red (and orange and yellow and green, blue, and purple). Want to get in touch? Shoot them an email or follow them on Twitter


Sherri Davis


Josh Durando


What is the Corps? And why are you already so obsessed with them? 

The Corps is the TWC movement embodied. It is a group of people who represent the energy, diversity, welcoming nature, and strength of the movement. They show up early to all TWC events. Shake hands as people walk through the door. Take selfies with their phones. And post them on Twitter. And that’s just the beginning. You can see/hug/love the current Corps team below.

If you're new to Philly, tired of your current friends, wondering where to find the best late night food, or just need to learn how to tie a bow tie, then you've arrived in the right place. Each Corps member has gone through extensive training on all of these fronts. Use them. Abuse them. And ask them hard questions. "I'm new to Philly HELP AHHHHHH" is perfectly appropriate.