Yarrr! It's time to sail the high seas! On Saturday, September 20, TWC is taking over a Pirate Cruise on the Potomac.

The cruise lasts 2 hours, from 4:30 to 6:30pm, and has a DJ. Boomerang Pirate Ship leaves from the Georgetown Waterfront at the end of 31st Street.  You don't have to dress in pirate gear to climb on board, but you'll definitely have more fun if you do. And September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so you'll have plenty of practice saying "Arrr."

There are only 80 spots on the ship, so pick up your ticket soon! If you'd like to partake in the open Svedka bar, you can purchase that for $20 when you board. Otherwise you'll be able to buy drinks and snacks from their full bar.


Other things you may need to know:
1. If you're late, the ship won't wait. So get there by 4:15pm to make sure you get on board.

2. There will be a DJ. You should dance. Here's some inspiration to get you excited.

3. When you arrive at the dock just have your name and ID handy and Pirate Cruise staff will get you checked-in.

4. Kitteh Pirates are a thing.

5. Here's where to go and how to board:
The Boomerang Pirate Ship docks at the Washington Harbour. We will board in the commercial vessel boarding zone at the Georgetown Waterfront at the end of 31st street, and directly in front of the Fiola Mare restaurant. This is located at the river in Georgetown at 3100 K St. NW DC, 20007. Walking from K St., turn south onto 31st st. and take it all the way to the water. If you are looking at the river from the Georgetown Waterfront, the Boomerang will pull up at the end of the dock, all the way on the right. Upon boarding the boat, our friendly crew will be checking IDs, so please have those ready to go.

6. Other questions about all things pirate? Go here for all the Boomerang Pirate Ship FAQs.