Tickets on sale November 13 here

The Welcoming Committee is delighted to present our next #DestinationTakeover. On January 10-12, 2014, we're once again taking over Mt. Snow. Here's what it looked like last time.

Everyone will get a bus ride there and back, two nights in a hotel (with budget and luxury options available), dance parties, bars, and plenty of swag. The skiers get to ski, the snowboarders get to snowboard, and everyone else gets to watch them squabble about which is better from the comfort of a snow tube. Did we mention that 25% of our travelers come alone?

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About The Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee  is a movement of LGBTQ folks that takes over typically straight bars, sports games, concerts, cultural institutions, special events, and major travel destinations for one-time-only experiences. Find out more about the magic behind TWC right here.