TWC Travel is bringing hundreds of LGBTQs together for four nights of sun and fun in Puerto Rico, March 25-29, 2015. To help prepare you for the takeover we thought we'd go ahead and answer some the questions that might pop up.

1) I'm not sure how to track flight prices to get the best deals. Help!
Don’t you worry, TWC is here to help make the process as simple and affordable as possible. 

  • Step One: Create a Kayak account and set a price alert for 3/25-3/29 from your city to San Juan (SJU). 
  • Step Two: Check your daily Kayak email to see the current price for your flights. 
  • Step Three: Purchase your flights when you see the lowest price. Kayak’s email will note whether the price dropped, increased, or saw no change. They also provide a confidence rating on their website and a recommendation on whether you should purchase or wait. 
  • Also take a look at one way flights! Sometimes finding two one-way fares ends up being the cheaper option.

2) When's check-in and check-out time?
You can check in at 4pm on Wednesday, March 25. Check out will be at noon on Sunday, March 29. Let us know when your flight gets in (, and we'll try to coordinate cab rides from the airport.

1) What is the resort like?
La Concha happens to be one of the top rated resorts in Puerto Rico and we also made sure to grab all Ocean View rooms so you get to wake up to crashing waves and beautiful beaches each morning. There's also a fitness center and casino on-site, along with 5 restaurants and bars to choose from.

2) I'd like to exercise while I'm there. What are my options?
La Concha has a full fitness center with weights and cardiovascular equipment. They also offer a variety of exercise classes like yoga, cycling, meditation, and zumba, all of which are free to La Concha guests.

3) If I don't want to walk, how can I get around?
You can always get around by cab if something's a bit too far out of the way to get to or if you'd rather not walk. Cabs in Puerto Rico operate on a standard base fare according to 5 different zones. Go here if you want to see the taxi fares and zones described in more detail.

4) Can you give me a sense of the itinerary?
Sure thing! TWC itineraries are always optional but we like having programmed activities for those of you who are interested in spending some time with other members. We're still putting together some of the finishing touches on the final schedule but here's an idea of what you can expect:

Wednesday, March 25:

  • Check in starting at 4pm, find your TWC gift bag and bottle of champagne in your room, take a balcony selfie
  • Get settled and head to the Lobby Bar & Lounge with your two free drink vouchers for cocktail time
  • Head over to Oceano for a TWC welcome party to meet your new friends from 8 different cities

Thursday, March 26:

  • Wake up and grab some breakfast! You can either hit the hotel buffet or head out to the beachside Ben & Jerry's CafeCrepeMaker Condado, or Pinky's 
  • Hit the waves and the sun! Your TWC travel captains with be on Condado Beach for reading/swimming/beach games in the morning
  • Walk over to Condado Lagoon for discounted water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and windsurfing
  • Afternoon ice cream party at beachside Ben & Jerry's
  • Join TWC takeover-ers to have dinner in La Placita de Santurce, an open plaza with 15+ restaurants
  • Evening takeover at Barrachina, home of the original pina colada in Old San Juan

Friday, March 27:

  • Hit the beach with TWC members!
  • Day trip to Old San Juan with visits to Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, historic San Juan Cemetery and El Morro Fort
  • Grab tapas and cocktails at Solena, La Concha's hotel bar, located on the poolside terrace
  • Make your way over to Casino del Mar, La Concha's on-site casino, with your $10 voucher to try your hand at any of their table games or slot machines
  • Pre-parties in designated hotel rooms to get ready to hit Circo Bar, the largest gay nightclub in the Caribbean. They know we're coming and they're VERY excited about it
  • Dance and drink all night! Circo Bar usually stays open until 5am but the owner assured us they'd stay open until 7am for those really looking to dance past dawn

Saturday, March 28:

  • Hop the bus to head out for a day of Ziplining at Puerto Rico's longest ziplining adventure park, where you can also partake in activities like cave rappelling and walking through the rainforest canopy on man-made bridges
  • Head back to the hotel and hit the beach or make your way back to Old San Juan for more exploring
  • Grab dinner at the roof top and mezzanine of Saint Germain in Sol Street and go bar hopping at La Factoria, Lupulo, and Beer Bar in Old San Juan
  • Walk over to MoonBar where TWC is teaming up to throw a party with Joy Events (Puerto Rico's LGBTQ part promoter) where you'll get to meet, dance, and drink with Puerto Rico's LGBTQ locals!
  • Head back to Circo Bar for an after-hours party if you want to keep the night going!

Sunday, March 29:

  • Wake up and hang out poolside/beachside with TWC's travel captains and all of your new friends for the morning!
  • Grab your things and check-out of the hotel at 12pm
  • Head to the airport and giggle about all of your new braggable stories

1) What are some of my options if I don't want to always eat at the hotel?

If you don't want to hang out at the hotel to eat all day, the central location of where we're staying has a lot to offer within walking distance. The CrepeMaker Condado has salads and crepes for under $15 and is a 6 minute walk down Avenida Ashford. If you're in the mood for a sandwich costing you less than $10, Pinky's is 12 minutes by foot and has a range of options. It also opens at 7am for those of you who are early risers. For other brunch/breakfast options, there's Ben & Jerry's Condado right next to the hotel and on the beach. They open at 9am and serve brunch, lunch, ice cream, and espresso drinks. 

A little further out, but great for a variety of dinner options, is La Placita de Santurce, an open plaza with 15+ restaurants in old San Juan.

2) Are there markets nearby if I want to get snacks?
Yes, yes, and yes. There are also mini-fridges located in each of the rooms so you can store snacks and meals if you'd like! There are three markets located within a 17 minute walk of the hotel including:
Freshmart, Eros, and SuperMax

3) What are my options if I'd like to eat and drink at the resort?
To start the trip off you'll get two drink vouchers to use at La Concha - those should be in your room when you arrive. From there you can choose from five different restaurant options that include tapas, sushi, italian food, quick coffee and breakfast items, and a luxury seafood restaurant.

Other than the cafe, each of the restaurants also has a wide range of liquor, beer, and wine options. At night, the hotel's lobby turns into a nightlife venue with different parties and DJs rotating through.


What if I have questions that you didn’t answer?
That’s easy! Just email Ashley at Her carrier unicorns are on holiday, so electronic communication is best at this time.

Or you could just ask Ryan:
(Caution: advice may be terrible/hilarious.)