We’re infiltrating the International Spy Museum on Saturday, January 24. Get your tickets (with a 20% discount for TWCers) here and read on for more information

We scored tickets to Operation Spy, an immersive, interactive experience where we are the spies who must solve a mystery and save the world. (No biggie.) We'll wind our way down narrow cobblestone streets, search for clues, decrypt secret audio conversations, escape from high-security compounds, and even interrogate a suspected agent! We're basically reliving all your dreams of being Jennifer Garner. Public Alias role-play? Yes please! From the moment after our briefing in the command center, we’ll be launched full speed into a fast-breaking operation. Black turtleneck not included.

We also have a snazzy 20% discount for TWCers. Your ticket will cover participation in Operation Spy and entrance to the museum including a special James Bond exhibit. It's apparently focused on the Bond villains so 24 karat guns and bondage tables are pretty much guaranteed. Whether you’re in it for selfies with DILF Pierce Brosnan or just a really love Pussy Galore, you do not want to miss out on our spy games.