Meet Ryan and Tiffany, TWC Boston's Community Managers, and Katy, TWC Boston's Volunteer Alumni Manager. They’re both alumni of the Corps, obsessed with hugs, and ready to meet all of you. Their mission is simple: to be the body and voice of the movement that brings all TWC members together. Have questions about anything Boston related? Shoot them an email here


Meet Tiffany: She plans to win you over with her hugs and unique blend of sassiness and midwestern charm

Meet Tiffany: She's the singing, dancing, social justice advocate from Ohio you've always known was missing from your life. Until now.

Meet Tiffany: This baking beauty will whip up something serious on the dance floor, warning: you will fall in love.


Meet Ryan: He's just like a 19th century flâneur, only he grew up in suburban Maryland and has Snapchat.

Meet Ryan: Second only to Beyonce when it comes to being flawless, find him around Boston sharing hugs, smiles, and frustrations with the Green Line.

Meet Ryan: He's a dashing Sim City pro with a degree in the Top 40s, credited with writing the tutorial on shaking it off.




Meet Katy: every other word is no worries; lives by coffee, books, and dunes. Kicked out of girl scouts and has been working on the gay agenda ever since.

Meet Katy: This hula hooping Ptown diva with distinctive fashion sense is the living Pinterest board of your dreams. But like actually though.

Meet Katy: Don't let this classic rock and hip hop lover's quiet swagger fool you, she totally wants to give you a hug.

The Corps, Boston

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What is the Corps? And why are you already so obsessed with them? 

The Corps is the TWC movement embodied. It is a group of people who represent the energy, diversity, welcoming nature, and strength of the movement. They show up early to all TWC events. Shake hands as people walk through the door. Take selfies with their phones. And post them on Twitter. And that’s just the beginning. You can see/hug/love the current Corps team below.

If you're new to Boston, tired of your current friends, wondering where to find the best late night food, or just need to learn how to tie a bow tie, then you've arrived in the right place. Each Corps member has gone through extensive training on all of these fronts. Use them. Abuse them. And ask them hard questions. "I'm new to Boston HELP AHHHHHH" is perfectly appropriate.