The Fellows Hosts
are a small group of extraordinary gentlemen skilled in mixing and mingling with other extraordinary gentlemen. If The Fellows is a line of incomparable events for men in their gay thirties, then The Hosts are the ones greeting everyone with a firm handshake when they walk through the door.

The Hosts will be a group of five or so volunteers who facilitate a fantastic experience at The Fellows events. Of course, the post comes with numerous perks (discounts and such), as well as the opportunity to share a unique social opportunity with some really great guys. You can learn more about The Fellows here and apply to be a host below.

The Hosts Responsibilities & Tenure (Oct 2015-Feb 2016)
This first term of The Hosts starts with a brief orientation. While you’re a Host, there will be six, 3rd Wednesday gatherings for Fellows—good company and cocktails at a bar near downtown. The five Hosts will split things up so each happy hour has a minimum of two Hosts. At each happy hour, The Hosts will be asked to welcome Fellows to make sure they feel comfortable, meet others, and have a great time. That's really all there is to it!

In addition to 3rd Wednesday events, The Fellows will occasionally hold music, theater, and travel events. Some of The Hosts will also be asked to attend and help everyone have a gay old time—in exchange for a free or discounted ticket. Not a bad deal, eh?

Finally, every six weeks the five Hosts will have a happy hour or brunch of their own to stay connected, share ideas, and brainstorm about the next great Fellows event. These can be held anywhere and last for as long as you'd like.

So, do it. Apply to be a Host. Be an extraordinary gentleman.

The Hosts Schedule

  • Oct 7:  Applications due (see form below)
  • Oct 12:  Hosts selected and notified
  • Oct 21:  Hosts orientation followed by The Fellows Gathering (all attend)
  • Week of Nov 9:  Hosts-only gathering (all attend)
  • Nov 18:  The Fellows Gathering (at least 2 Hosts attend)
  • Dec 16:  The Fellows Gathering (at least 2 Hosts attend)
  • Week of Jan 4:  Hosts-only gathering (all attend)
  • Jan 20:  The Fellows Gathering (at least 2 Hosts attend)
  • Feb 17:  The Fellows Gathering (at least 2 Hosts attend)
  • Week of Feb 22:  Final Hosts-only gathering (all attend)
  • (Cultural and travel events TBD)

The Hosts Application (deadline Oct 7)

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