Travels of Adam is the one-stop guide to gay travel around the globe. Created and curated by Adam, the website covers each city as he visits them, and he's visited a ton. And he gets us all the inside information before we even step outside our hotel. The site reads like a diary, but acts as a paved road for safe trekking. Adam gets us from queer to there with these top tips for LGBTQ travel:

Meet the locals

Use your apps! Grindr, Scruff and Dattch have long been touted as some of the best gay social networking and meetup (or is it hookup?) apps. But you can also use them for PG-13 purposes! Create a friendly profile, let people know you’re a tourist and ask around for local tips, suggestions on the best bars or little-known tourist sites. There’s also a new gay app out,, which aims to connect LGBT individuals in more meaningful ways through events and networking.

We've stacked our Spring Break itinerary with community engaging events as well as time reserved for R&R.
It's like a choose your own adventure. Except really gay. And in paradise.

We'll have a special bar night for meeting the locals on Saturday. Find the full itinerary here.

Visit local drag shows

They’re not only a great way to connect with the local LGBT community, but the atmosphere at drag shows is often light-hearted and fun. I’ve been to drag shows in cities as diverse as Helsinki, Berlin, Bangkok and Jerusalem. People are talkative at the shows, there’s sometimes even audience interaction and they’re just generally a lot of fun.


Traveling alone can be a drag, but lucky for you, Welcoming is our middle name.

Do a bit of research before you go

I’ve spoken about this countless times, but it’s worth mentioning again and again. Spend a little bit of time before traveling to a new destination learning quickly what the LGBT rights issues are. Wikipedia is a great place to start with their helpful article on LGBT rights by country, but there are other sites more tailored to gay travel which might have more accurate information. Your country might even offer LGBT travel information for travelers in foreign countries (as the USA State Department does).


TWC has already researched what's hot, iconic, and LGBTQ-friendly.
Turns out, Puerto Rico is all of the above!

Go to the gay bars and coffee shops

That’s where you’ll find flyers, maps of the nearby gay-friendly establishments and local LGBT information. Plus there’ll be beer. And cocktail happy hours. And cake. There’s almost always cake.


This is Circo Bar. It's the biggest gay bar in the Caribbean and they're throwing a party just for us.
Need we say more?

Book a gay trip

I was originally hesitant about the idea, but after joining an OUT Adventures trip last month to Thailand, I quickly realized what a great experience these types of trips can be. Traveling with a group of other LGBT individuals makes a gay holiday that much easier. The guides are often gay themselves and so can easily point you in the right direction for local gay nightlife. And knowing that the trip was organized by LGBT travel specialists means you likely won’t encounter any potentially awkward situations with hotels or other travel providers. Gay group trips really make for a great experience and I highly recommend them for LGBT travelers of all ages.

Tickets to TWC Spring Break are not under your seat, but they are at the bottom of this page!

Visit LGBT hotspots

There’s no doubt that some destinations are considered more gay-friendly than others. And while everyone has their own travel interests, I think you’ll find many of the more popular LGBT travel hotspots around the world are continually ranked among the best cities and places to visit—regardless of your sexual orientation. Cities like Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, NYC and San Francisco continually make the top of “best LGBT destination” lists — and that’s because they’re just such big, exciting and (importantly) gay-friendly places. If you’re looking for authentic travel experiences, you don’t have to avoid them — they’re just as likely to make for a great trip as other places.


Did we mention La Concha is set directly on the Condado beach, the most LGBTQ-friendly beach on the island?

Read gay travel blogs for inspiration

There are countless gay travel publications which cover both typical and atypical LGBT destinations, but sometimes the best advice comes from smaller publications. Sites like Gay Cities and Out Traveler have useful city guides, but this list I’ve made of gay travel blogs contains links to personal travel blogs from writers big and small.

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Have fun & be safe!

As you might imagine, I’m a huge believer in the importance of travel. Seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things are some of my favorite reasons for exploring so much of this world of ours. And while LGBT rights might vary across the world, you don’t have to let that hinder your own travel experiences. Be safe, trust your instincts and enjoy the world!


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You can find more tips from Adam on his website here, as well as his facebooktwitter, and instagram. Ready to go on your next big adventure? Ready to do it with all the LGBTQs? We thought so, and we can't wait to see you in San Juan, PR.