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The Welcoming Committee's LGBTQ takeovers of typically straight places, from bars and clubs to theater and sports events, are broadening the scope of the gay experience in six US cities and counting. Now, we’re bringing that same spirit to travel.

TWC Travel is a big, gay party—except instead of being at the local bar, it’s at the ski resort, in the tropics, or on the streets of Paris. We bring bunches of LGBTQ people to major destinations across the world. Call it a gaycation. On a TWC Travel event, you’ll experience the best of the destination’s sights and culture without leaving behind the comfort of your LGBTQ life at home.

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TWC Travel is crafted for maximum fun with other homos. Solo traveler? Make new friends through group get-togethers during the trip. Party of five? Enjoy free time and separate options to customize your experience. TWC Travel unites queer people from anywhere and everywhere in the US. And when it comes time to pay, you can bite the bullet in installments. Try TWC Travel. Small world. Big, gay adventures.