Who we are:

The Welcoming Committee is a community of 18,000 people that get together to takeover typically straight spaces and turn them into outrageously comfortable environments for the gay community. #DestinationTakeovers are our take on LGBTQ travel. Experience any destination in the world the same (disgusting) way straight people do. Welcome.

Traveling alone (our most frequently asked question): 

25% of people come alone, and the majority of those choose to be randomly assigned to shared rooms. If you’re a solo traveler and don’t want to spring for you own room, you'll be able to signal that in the checkout process and we'll take care of finding you something gender and age (in)appropriate. If you want to spring for your own room, then allow us to fluff the red carpet for you.

Size of our trips: 

Our destination takeovers began at Foxwoods in Connecticut with just 50 people, doubled in size as we took over an entire mountain in Vermont and then headed to Montreal. The last trip to Foxwoods had over 100 people and 175 joined us in Dover, Vermont for #DestinationTakeover: Mount Snow. 

The type of people who travel with us:

TWC troop members are people who want to experience venues, events, and cities with a critical mass of gays to recreate the comfort of being in a gay bar everywhere they go.  #DestinationTakeovers pull in people from all genders and ages. About a quarter of people show up stag, some are coupled up, and others come in groups of four or more. To see what previous trips have looked like, you can check out the Mount Snow, Foxwoods and Montreal photo albums here.

Who staffs the trips:

#DestinationTakeovers are staffed by TWC staff as well the Boston Corps and Philadelphia Corps, a group of members who will be on board and are already your insta-friends. Rest assured, they’re social ninjas who are ready to train you in all things TWC takeover and dole out hugs whenever necessary.

What's up next:

Check out all our trips on the Upcoming Travel page here.