We're here, we’re queer, and we want the best beer! Join TWC for the LGBTQ bar crawl that turns pubs on U Street anything but straight for the day. And that day is Saturday, August 22! Because we have a Type-Gay personality, we planned it all out for ya. Drink specials, snack deals, swag, and a free drink are all built in to our tickets. And only available for members with passes. Lather on your sunblock and soak up the sunshine along the way; we’ve booked the best outdoor lounges and roof tops we could find - finishing up at the gorgeous Nellie’s roof deck! Coming? RSVP to our Facebook event to see who you'll be joining!

Where are we going?!

Policy's vibrant patio bar

Policy's vibrant patio bar

POLICY (1904 14TH ST NW)

  • Check in with your TWC City Leaders to collect your green wristband, TWC swag, and drink ticket.

  • First drink is free!

  • Drink specials: $5 for a selection of domestic beers, house red and white wines, house liquors

  • Receive a first-class welcome from The Corps at Policy’s Liberty Lounge, an outdoor patio with bright furniture and funky vibes.


  • Between the name of the bar itself and their “Peruvian Bear Fucker” drink special, we’re going to let this gem speak for itself.

  • Drink specials:

    • $3 beers: PBR, Genesee, Stroh's, Nati Bo

    • $6 beer and shot of bourbon combo

    • $7 "Peruvian Bear Fucker" - beer and orange juice are combined in a pint glass, you drop in a shot of rum and enjoy!

  • Epic high-fives and endless group selfie (AKA ussie) opportunities



The Brixton is a British pub, restaurant and rooftop beer garden, inspired by its London neighborhood namesake.

  • rink specials:
    • $5 Draught beers
    • $5 Rail Drinks & New Amsterdam Vodka Drinks

    • $5 Tennent's Lager 16 oz. cans

    • $6 Wine by the glass

    • $6 Welcome Shooter

  • Exchange numbers with your new best friends and end of summer beau


 Nellie’s (900 U St NW)

  • And the fun continues on Nellie’s gorgeous roof deck!

  • Drink Specials

    • $4 Absolut

    • $4 Landshark

    • $4 Nellie Beer

    • $4 House Rail Drinks

    • $15 Beer Buckets

  • Food Specials

    • 1/2 price Nellie Burger

    • 1/2 price Corn Dog

    • 1/2 price Chicken Sandwich

    • 1/2 price Tater Tots 

They're dead serious about that name.

They're dead serious about that name.

The Brixton has a gorgeous rooftop deck!

The Brixton has a gorgeous rooftop deck!

It's the Nellie's we all know and love. Plus specials

It's the Nellie's we all know and love. Plus specials


  • The opportunity to take over three straight bars with dozens of new LGBTQ friends

  • TWC swag - free sunglasses for the first 50 purchasers!

  • Free drink at Policy

  • Drink specials at every bar



DC9 caught wind of the U Street Bar Crawl and wanted in. Because we cannot resist a 90s dance party, we're headed there after Nellies with $3 cover for our bar crawlers before midnight, and $4 cover if you enter after midnight with our wristband. Oh, and it's right next door if you're worried about the stumble.


  • Your name will be on a list at the first stop on our crawl, Policy. Just show up anytime between 2:00 and 3:30pm, check in with your City Leader, collect your swag and drink ticket, and off you go!