Over 165 of you are coming together for three nights of lights, entertainment, and action. To help prepare you for TWC Takes Vegas we thought we'd go ahead and answer some of the questions that might pop up.


1) If I don’t already know everyone in my room, when will I be introduced?
We’ll send email introductions to everyone in your room on October 1st!

2) I haven’t gotten my tickets for the experiences. Should I already have them?
We’ll hand out tickets for all of the experiences (Britney, High Roller, Cirque, etc.) when you arrive and check-in with Ashley and Gena. 

3) Do you know my room number?
Room numbers don’t get assigned until you check-in. That way, if you arrive a bit early and there are rooms available, you can more easily get into a room ahead of the designated check-in time.

4) I’m not going to make it to Vegas in time for the start of the Welcome Party on Thursday night. What should I do?
Fear not, Gena and Ashley will make sure that you get everything you need. We’ll have a wristband for you to get into Piranha on the first night and then get you the rest of your things the following morning.

5) Who are our travel captains?
Gena and Ashley at your service! Some of you may already know them from previous experiences but just in case you don't, this is Gena and here's Ashley! Ok, kidding... this is actually what Ashley looks like.


1) How do I get to the hotel from the airport?
There will be a large number of cabs that you can jump in near baggage claim or, if you prefer to take a shuttle, you can find information about those here.

2) What hotel are we staying at again?
The LINQ Hotel & Casino. 
Here’s the address just in case you need it: 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

3) How do I get my tickets and passes?
Gena and Ashley will be ready with your passes, tickets, and itineraries from 4 until 8pm on Thursday! To find us go up the escalator to the left of the check-in/registration desk. We'll be waiting for you on the 3rd floor just across from the box office.

4) What time is check-in/check-out?
Check-in time is 4pm. Check-out time is 11am!

5) What if I arrive early or need to stay late?
If you’re arriving early you may be able to get into your room - it will depend on what The LINQ has available and ready at that time. If it’s before 12pm a $40 fee will apply. If it’s after 12pm and they have something available, there won’t be a fee!

For late check-outs, it will all depend on availability. In order to request late check-out, call this number: 702-794-3366 after you've checked-in.

If you arrive early and aren’t able to get into a room the front desk will take your luggage and keep it until your room is ready. The same applies if you’re checking out and your flight departs much later on in the day or evening - simply drop your bags off so you can explore without the hassle of your luggage!

6) What kinds of things do I need to pack?
We’re going to skip the basics like a toothbrush and underwear and highlight a few things that we’d recommend bringing based on some of the experiences we’ll be participating in:

The Clubs:
- Marquee has a dress code so you’ll want to pack something “upscale-casual”. For men that means a collared shirt with pants or jeans and no sandals, shorts, hats, or baggy pants. For women that means no sandals, shorts, t-shirts, or hats.
- SHARE and Piranha have a relaxed dress code so wear whatever fits your fancy!

For Ziplining, dress appropriately for the weather. We’ll be there in the late morning so expect it to be about 75 degrees. You must wear closed-toed shoes. Sunglasses are recommended, skirts and hats are not. Here are other answers to FAQs if you have them!

Other things:
Bathing suit
Portable phone charger
Comfortable shoes
Layers, layers, layers!

We’ll be providing you with a cinch-bag, water bottle, and sunglasses so feel free to skip packing those!

7) I didn’t get tickets to High Roller, Ziplining, or Cirque! Can I still do that?
Unfortunately we've finalized all of the tickets for our groups so we aren't able to add anymore at this time. But if you're looking for more fun things to do while you're there here's a list of other area attractions!


1) What’s the temperature going to be like?
Vegas temperatures change pretty drastically once the sun goes down so make sure to pack layers! During October the temperature range is between 52 and 84!

2) If I don't want to walk, how can I get around?
There are plenty of cabs on the strip to help you to get from one place to another. Walking is also an option depending on where you’re looking to go! AND Uber just launched in Vegas so if you have the app, you can call a ride. (Please note - Uber isn’t available for pick-ups at the airport yet.)

3) Will there be a way to get in touch with people and see what everyone is doing?
Oh yes. We’ll send out details for a group communication platform so you can talk to the rest of the group. If you have specific questions about the itinerary or logistics, you can get in touch with Ashley or Gena directly. You’ll receive their cell phone numbers closer to the trip.

4) I’m not sure where everything is located. Do you have a map?
We’re so happy you asked! We’ve put together a map of where we’re heading, and some of Vegas’ nearby happy hours, so you see where all of our destinations are located. Just head here to check it out.

5) Can you give me a sense of the itinerary?
Sure thing! TWC itineraries are always optional but we like having programmed activities for those of you who are interested in spending some time with other members. We're still putting together some of the finishing touches on the final schedule but head here to see what we have planned!

6) What if I have questions that you didn’t answer?
That’s easy! Just email Ashley at ashley@thewelcomingcommittee.com. Her carrier-unicorns are on holiday, so electronic communication is best at this time. 


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