The Welcoming Committee is a movement of LGBTQ people who want to experience the whole world, and not just gay bars, in outrageous comfort.

How do we it? Easy. First, we build a huge community of LGBTQ folks. And then we simply bring hundreds of our members to concerts, theaters, sports games, nightclubs, and travel destinations in and around the city.

Our flagship event: Guerrilla Queer Bar, the first Friday of every month. Join hundreds of LGBTQs as we explore a bar in a different part of the city every month. Become a member to find out where we're going!

Oh, and we're not just in bars. Once you become a member, you can find out about our other takeovers in Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, and Atlanta.


Museums, concerts, shows, sports games: we think all of these are a lot more fun (and comfortable) with hundreds of new and old friends in tow.

We started in bars and are still going strong. GQB happens the first Friday of every month. Our next event: July 4!


We head to iconic destinations and bring the community with us. TWC members get to experience casinos, ski mountains, beach resorts, and more with all the fun of our local takeovers.