What do wine and stars have to do with each other? Well, besides this, absolutely nothing. So we sat down with a sommelier, an astrologist, too many glasses of wine, an astrolabe, and a box of crayons and we made you this.  Because your daily horoscope may get you through the morning, but only Wine-strology is going to get you through the night.

Aries – Chianti

Aries are fire signs with a strong sense of pride, courage, and stamina. They have tempers that can get the best of them, but they can make great leaders... or reluctant sidekicks. A savory red with a high tannin, Chianti does well both as a food pairing and a stand alone “cocktail wine”. It may have suffered from a bad reputation from cheap bottles wrapped in straw, but look for designations like Classico or Riserva for the best examples of this classic Tuscan red.

Taurus – Bual Madeira

Tauruses are earth signs who are friendly and strong, but can be stubborn and resistant to change. They are highly sexual with a strong focus on the physical world. Fortified, nutty, and semi-sweet, Bual Madeira is their wine of choice. With roots in the Portuguese Age of Exploration, Madeira is one of the most stubborn wines. Because the wine is intentionally oxidized, an opened bottle can last up to a year. Bual Madeira is a richer style that balances higher sugar with higher acidity.

Gemini – Provence Rosé

Geminis are air signs who are, yes, two faced, but more often just really great to adapting to new situations. There’s never a dull moment with a Gemini and despite their flippancy, they’re quite smart with a strong intuition. There's a focus on social and intellectual learning, because with such versatility, Gemini's tend to learn from themselves. Fruity and floral, not to mention double-sided, a Provence Rosé pairs perfectly. It’s hard to imagine a better way to pass a summer afternoon than sipping a crisp dry rosé from the French Riviera. Surprisingly there are increasingly complex, well made and age-worthy rosés suitable for more than just “porch pounding”.

Cancer  – Riesling (Spatlese)

Cancers are water signs who are inspired by familial roots and try their best to recreate homes like the ones they grew up in. The most sentimental sign, they're good at crafting, cooking, and sewing. They’re sweet, but also very sensitive and take the world a bit too seriously. A white, off-dry wine like a Riesling matches well. Often times discounted as serious wine because of residual sugar, Spätlese Riesling (especially from the Mosel) can provide some serious enjoyment. The best have a beautiful core of acid to match the fruit and the sweetness and can be paired with more food than you’d expect.

Leo – Côte de Nuits Burgundy

Leos are fire signs with the strongest sense of courage and leadership. They’re social, but they will try to one up everyone in anyway they can. They’re passionate in relationships and love taking risks, though failure will embarrass them. They focus on creative self-expression and romance, but are at risk for serious gambling problems. A spicy red with a hint of truffle, Côte de Nuits Burgundy matches the lion. Some of the most expensive and exalted wines in the world come from a small stretch of vineyards barely 13 miles long made from the notoriously finicky Pinot Noir grape.  Expressive and unique, these are wines that almost always make a statement.

Virgo – Vintage Port

Virgos are earth signs who are individualistic perfectionists with a strong sense of self and how they relate to others. They're likable because of their stability, predictability, and friendliness. But their perfectionist qualities make them nitpick and at times they insult others without realizing it.  Though sweet, they tend to prefer reclusion and come off more mature than they usually are. A fortified red, Vintage Port pairs perfectly. A stalwart of wine collections and the auction circuit, vintage Port is a bellwether of…well, weather. While a vintage isn’t declared every year, vintage Port can provide enjoyment when young and even more dividends to those that wait until the wine is fully mature.

Libra – Vintage Champagne

Libras are air signs representing cleverness, trustworthiness and good judgment. They weigh their options carefully before making decisions and usually make the right one with keen intuition. They can sometimes be space cadets with an odd sense of humor no one seems to understand, but they’re light hearted and can bounce back from just about any social situation. One-to-one relationships like marriage and partnerships are most significant to changing their points of view. Bubbly and creamy, a Vintage Champagne personifies Libra. Like Port, not every year is a declared Champagne vintage. With a multi-step process that sometimes takes more than a decade to get from vine to glass, vintage champagne is a wine that rewards those who wait but will never punish anyone eager to enjoy its bubbles young.

Scorpio – Chardonnay

Scorpios are water signs whose actions are driven by their emotions. They’re incredibly sexual, bossy, and quick to make decisions. They’re also very resourceful and adaptive and are great at sensing people’s unconscious and motives. They each have a unique connection with death and sex, yet they're sensitive (they'll never let you know it). The rich, creamy, and usually nutty Chardonnay is for them. Often called a “winemaker’s grape” Chardonnay can be incredibly versatile coming from different soils and climates. The more full-bodied expressions from Sonoma Coast, the Côte de Beaune, and Santa Barbara can be some of the best ways to taste a sense of place.

Sagittarius – Zinfandel

Sagittarians are a fire sign with great leadership skills that are focused on the future. They’re great travelers and planners, but sometimes they lose sight of the present. They’re the embodiment of work hard/play hard. But like their arrow suggests, they pay more attention to where they're aiming rather than where they are now, so they're constantly on the move. The spicy hot fruity Zinfandel does them justice. Immigrants settling in California during the gold rush brought with them cuttings of their native grapes one of which evolved into the uniquely American variety of Zinfandel. Benefiting from vine age (some commercial plantings are over 100 years old) this wine can be juicy, spicy and pack a serious punch with some pushing 16% alcohol.

Capricorn – Priorat

Capricorns are earth signs that are physically inspired and focused on their career and life-work. They’re calculating and stable with strong parental instincts and stronger opinions. Jobs in the science are suggested because of their attention to detail and demand for the truth. The high tannin, black cherry flavored Priorat pairs perfectly. One of the two highest quality wine regions in Spain, Priorat represents a blending of old and new traditions. Most wines are a blend of the Spanish grapes Garnacha and Cariñena and international grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Fruity and approachable when young, some Priorat can age into soft, earthy and mature wines.

Aquarius – Moscato

Aquarians are air signs who are eccentric with their heads firmly in the clouds. They can be aloof and embody the too-cool-for-school kind of personality. They make great leaders (though they’re reluctant to lead) because they make friends easily, they hate existing philosophies, and they’re innately creative. They do not connect with the physical world at all and can rarely commit to anything because they grow bored too easily.  The semi-sweet bubbles of Moscato embody Aquarius. Classic Moscato d’Asti (before Barefoot got ahold of the grape) has long been a sweet, low-alcohol, Italian way to finish a meal. Effervescent and difficult to dislike, this wine is delicious…as long as the bottle lasts.

Pisces – Chablis 

Pisces are water signs and the most mysterious of the chart. They’re incredibly emotional and empathic, and can usually see through people and understand their motives when they're not too invested in their own. When they’re sweet, they make the best of friends. When they’re vengeful, they can become manipulative. The dry citrus of Chablis will appeal to fishy sign. Made from 100% Chardonnay, Chablis can be expansive and expressive showcasing a mineral streak from the limestone soil on which the grapes are grown.  It can also be restrained, tart and laser-focused with racy acidity like biting into a lemon or granny smith apple.

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