Here's the deal. (Yay!)
Big news. Like, the biggest. The TWC family is expanding! On April 1, we’re bringing TWC to four new cities across the US. Where? We’re glad you asked. The new additions are: Minneapolis—New York—Seattle—Los Angeles. Aww, yeah.

You're being recruited.
Wait, what? Last time TWC expanded, two people opened three new cities. This time, we’re asking our entire member base from our existing cities to join the TWC Expansion Team ahead of the rollout. How is this possible? Isn’t it a logistical nightmare? Will there be snacks? Answers below.

What's the TWC Expansion Team?
This crack team of LGBTQs will be a subset of our existing members in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco—those who are interested in spreading the love and have some connections to work. X-Team members (Expandercisers, if you will) will help us get off the ground in new cities by introducing us to their friends, potential volunteers, leaders of local LGBTQ nonprofits, sports teams, and employee resource groups, and local venues and destinations that are hungry for a takeover. If you’re from one of our new cities or know a bunch of peeps there, we need you! Sign up below to be part of our fearless TWC Expansion Team.

When are our meetings, and what about those snacks?
Good news. Joining the team requires very little effort and allows you to be a part of TWC's original footprint in some of the largest cities across the country. Everything kicks off with a house party (invitations to follow) on January 31. We'll toast these glorious cities that none of us live in, and we'll have some special activities that night to get the ball rolling on recruiting new members. There will be selfies. Snacks. And beer. And maybe confetti. But not too much. Because mess. After the kickoff, we'll send out an expansion-related email no more than once per week until the launch. The emails will be short. The asks will be easy. And the memories will be forever (or at least until you forget to remember them).

Can we visit these new cities? I need to go visit my grandma anyway...
YES! TWC’s Expansion Team leaders will be visiting various cities (new and old) over the next few months. Look for our schedule below and follow the TWC Expansion Team on social media to find out where and what we're taking over. If you’re in town when we are, you will. want. to. find. us. We'll be hosting bar crawls, Expansion Team-only nights out (hint: you're invited), and get-togethers with local leaders. We've already said too much.

I forgot everything you just said. What should I do?
We know you wanna be a part of TWC's next chapter. Enter your info below to join our fearless TWC Expansion Team. We’ll be in touch with more dishy details soon.